Audio Recordings

Name Label & No. Release Date Type
All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!- Great Movie Stars of the '30's Parlophone PMC7141 1930 LP
Bawdy Cockney Songs Tradition label 1961 LP: Re-issues of the "Songs for a Smoke Filled Room."
Don't Tell my Mother I'm Living in Sin & The Ladies Bar Columbia DB 81 2/14/1930 78-RPM
More Bawdy Cockney Songs Tradition label 1961 LP:Re-issue of "Songs for a Shuttered Parlor"
Please Sell No More Drink to my Father & He Didn't Oughter (Riverside Nights) Columbia 4125 8/26/26 78-RPM
Songs for a Shuttered Parlor Vogue VA 160139/Hi-Fi Records 406 1958 LP
Songs for a Smoke Filled Room Vogue VA 160126/Hi-Fi Records 405 1958 LP

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